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About CFI

Crypto-Franchise Inc (CFI) is an initiative put together by a group of high ranking franchisees in c

Crypto-Franchise Inc(CFI) is an initiative put together by a group of high ranking franchisees in collaboration with franchisors all over the world.  It was founded with the sole goal of bringing franchising opportunities through investments to everyone regardless of financial status and geographic location. Crypto-Franchise Inc has streamlined franchising, making it low capital intensive, convenient and secure. By employing Cryptocurrency, we bring franchising opportunity to everyone with access to the internet. Everyone with a smartphone or computer can partake in Crypto-Franchise. In simpler terms CFI is a company that brings opportunities to business owners and those who desire to invest in businesses thanks to franchising and its beautiful model.

Opportunity-Hunt : Seeking out the best opportunities in businesses for our clients and acceptable beneficial deals between client and businesses.

Service- Delivery: Timely delivery of services is the best policy for any business and CFI ensures its no exception.

Simplicity: “If it can’t be explained simply enough, you don’t know it well enough”- Einstein. CFI ensures its business model is simple enough for anyone in need of an investment opportunity or otherwise

Model: We represent the most successful business model in the world. Franchising!

Fidelity: Integrity and Credibility remain the pillars of success for any successful brand. CFI breathes and lives in this belief.

Mission & Vision Statement
To help break the chains of financial constraint on entrepreneurs and business owners by implementing and promoting Franchising and its investment opportunities.

We are happy to welcome you to crypto-franchise inc. Contact us today or find a franchise opportunity and let us help make your dreams come true.