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As a regulated entity, CFI is subject to laws and regulations such as Financial regulations imposed by governments on businesses and financial institutions in order to manage a nation's financial system. These regulations are sometimes harmful to the end users of the financial system - regular people.

Crypto-Franchise Inc is not exempted, for this new financial regulations, our ROI will change depending on each franchise investment ROI. However This effect is not a permanent change, there will be positive outcomes on these regulations at the aftermath.

The General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) has also led to updates in our privacy policy. Though CFI is not localized to the EU region that is regulated by the GDPR, we do have clients in the EU and as such must move inline to the GDPR demands. However We do not have tabs on client data for any outside purposes and we maintain that our clients data are strictly confidential to our clients and remain private and secure. In respect to knowing our clients since we are a financial institution we would be including a more comprehensive profiling for our clients. Clients will get a mail notification on what they must do to have an approved/verified account.

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Crypto-Franchise inc.

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